You will have to go 25 kilometers to the southwest from Mostar to find Medjugorje, a town that has become particularly famous with Christian Catholics. It attained its religious pilgrimage status in 1981 after there were reports of the Virgin Mary visiting six children in the town. Medjugorje is a deeply religious site with a rich culture and ancient history. There are actual statues and structures from the Roman era that still exist in the Miletina cemetery.

Main attractions

Cross Mountainmedjugorje bosnia

The Cross Mountain or Krizevac is a popular place to visit if you are in Medjugorje, but it is quite a bit of hike to the top as it’s the highest peak in the area. The main attraction there is the concrete Cross that the parish of St. James had erected there in the year 1933 as a tribute to the 1900th Anniversary of Jesus Christ. On moonlit nights, the mountain becomes particularly bright with iridescent moonlight and is a wondrous site to behold.

Catholic Pilgrimage and the Apparition Hill

Catholic believers and mostly anyone who is interested can visit the Apparition Hill in Medjugorje which is famous for being the site where the apparition of the Virgin Mary was reportedly seen. The tour may also involve other religious places of interest in the vicinity.

Here’s a few photos of Medjugorje.