blagaj tekkeBlagaj Tekke is roughly 12 kilometers from Mostar and it is an absolutely beautiful site that has religious, historical and natural appeal to it. Often called the Dervish Monastery, Blagaj Tekke was originally built in 1520 for the Sufi Brotherhood to hold their meetings at. The clear water of the Buna River just beside it looks gorgeous and seems to be coming out of a dark cave below the bordering cliff. Boat rides into the cave are available and they provide quite a spooky, yet serene experience. Although most of the tourists come to the place during the day, a visit to the place after the sunset is said to be a whole new experience altogether. It is surprisingly one of the very few religious sites to be left untouched during the Bosnian War.

Hutovo Blato

hutovo blatoHutovo Blato is another must see site for nature lovers in addition to the Kravice Waterfalls. It was declared as a Nature Park officially in the year 1995 after it was established as one of the largest winter hideouts for birds across the whole of Europe. It’s often known as the Green Oasis and has multiple lakes running through it. The most prominent of these lakes are Deransko, Drijen, Orah, Jelim, Svitava and Škrka. Apart from the beautiful greenery and water bodies, complete with the native fauna to marvel at and click photos of, one can also opt for fishing, hiking and biking in the area.