The Kravice waterfalls, originally known as the Kravica waterfalls, is one of the most beautiful natural sites in the Herzegovinian region of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Located on the Trebižat river, it cascades off a particularly large tuff limestone deposit and onto the lake below. The entire area is protected by the state government, but it is open to the local public and tourists for visits, picnics, camping and even swimming.

The entire area is full of greenery with chaste trees, poplars and figs all around. Even the tuff formations are green with thick lichen, moss and grass all over them. There are hardly any manmade formations near the falls to interfere with the location’s complete natural environment.

How big is it?

The Kravice waterfall is roughly 25 meters high and separated into 20 falls, with the lake below being about 120 meters in radius. However, it is this small size of the fall that makes it so accessible, unlike most large waterfalls.

How do you get there?

kravice mapThe nearest airports are Mostar International Airport (OMO) and Dubrovnik Čilipi Airport (DBV). When you get there, there are many tour operators who offer trips to Kravice.

However, if you prefer to arrange the trip yourself, getting to the waterfalls is a bit tricky, but you can reach there if you take a cab from Mostar (if you happen to be in Bosnia and Herzegovina) and go south for about 40 km. Keep in mind that it’s only about 10 km to the south of Ljubuški, if you happen to be in that town. For more detailed driving instructions, please see the map to the right.

If you are in Croatia, you will first need to get to Metković and then onto Mostar. Drive through and once you have driven past its border, take a left turn over the river. This should lead you into Čapljina town. Cross the town and you will soon see a T-junction with a road that leads towards Ljubuški. Drive south from there and the road signs should lead you near the Kravice waterfall soon enough.

What are the attractions?

kravice waterfallsThe Kravice waterfalls are a serene natural site to behold, but there are also the added attractions of camping, swimming and even a small café for people to just sit, chat and enjoy the general beauty of the place. If you are there in the summer, you can opt for rafting, which is quite popular at that time. However, spring is probably the best time to visit the Kravice waterfalls as the weather and the lush green scenery is particularly welcoming during the season. In fact, there’s even a little food specialty that goes on during springtime near Kravice falls, primarily based on grilled fish and local recipes. One should also check out the stalactite formations inside a natural grotto nearby. There’s the old mill and a sailing ship that might be worth checking out as well.

During the late spring and hot summer months, an amazing natural phenomenon occurs at noon time. The heat causes some of the lake water to rise up and form into a mist like formation at the top of the valley. It is not just gorgeous to look at, but the layer of watery mist also provides a natural layer of shade against the hot sun and keeps the temperature down for the people sitting on the sandy beach below or swimming in the lake. Apart from the waterfall, there is an opportunity to explore the Trebižat river itself via canoe rides as well.

Opening season

The Kravice waterfall is open to visits from the month of May until October. It shuts down for the rest of the year as winter sets in, making the region unsuitable for public visits. In fact, the water in the lake below Kravica remains particularly cool even during the hotter months. The place never feels overcrowded even during the peak season and pets are allowed in the area.